Cute Gift Shops in Santa Fe

USA Today recently voted Santa Fe (a place in New Mexico) as one the best destination for Shopaholics. One unique secret which most people that have traveled to or been to Santa Fe know is that the best gift shops there. There are many places you can find treasured gifts for your friend or yourself. In total, there are eight museum gift shops in various locations in the city, and they stock up every gift item you can think of ranging from jewelry, movies, music, accessories, furnishings, Native American art or apparel. The fun aspect is that no two gift shops offer the same items. Some great gift shops you can check out the next time you visit Santa Fe include:

Museum Of International Art Gift Shop

This museum gift shop is located at Museum Hill. They believe that they color red changed the world and thus deserved to receive an exhibition. Little wonder red themed gift items have taken up the gift shop, and it will most likely remain like this for a while.

You will see gift items ranging from red scarves, soap, items dyed with cochineal and bracelets dishes most of which are in red. You can also seem to wrap papers and postcards with red designs designed by Alexander Girard, the famous designer. You can also look out for ‘A Common Bond’ which was designed by Girard himself and is always exhibited in the museum.

New Mexico Museum of Indian Arts and Culture

The color that is prominent at the New Mexico Museum of Indian Arts and Culture is the turquoise color. You will find rings, necklaces, earrings on sale in turquoise and silver color. The turquoise color is to retain you in the calm and relaxing moments you had in Santa Fe. The gift shop is also located at Museum Hill.

The Speigelberg Gift Shop

This gift shop is located at the New Mexico History Museum, which is not far from the Santa Fe historic plaza. The Speigelberg Gift shop is known to have gift items that represent two of its exhibits; Poetic of Light: Pinhole Photography and Painting the Divine.When you get to visit the gift shop, you will get to see all things related to photography; ranging from mini working cameras to books on pinhole photography. This will be likely to inspire you to go on a photo capturing spree on Santa Fe’s picturesque adobe-lined in streets.

The Museum of Contemporary Native Arts

This museum is the only museum in America known for collecting, exhibiting and interpreting some of the progressive works of the contemporary Native artist. Located downtown, a visit to this gift shop will expose you to beautiful gift items from contemporary natives. You will find items from paintings to jewelry and even to items which you are not likely to see in any other place. A visit to the Museum of Contemporary Native Arts is a must if you are a big fan of contemporary arts by natives.

The Museum of Contemporary Native Arts