Experiencing White Water Rafting in the Rio Grande

The real secret to experiencing the Rio Grande in all its splendour awaits those who can cruise through its waterways. There are several water birds and otters that grace the traveller as they paddle through the waters, downstream. Bighorn sheep are also a common sight that awaits the tourist on the bands of the Rio Grande. Some Petroglyphs are only for the eyes of the water bourne tourist and have a lot of ancient history to share. There are springs, people and animals sights to behold along with beautifully passed down stories about them.

As such, the entire area is quiet, and there are only the sounds of wind and water to take in and enjoy. The sound of the oars splashing in the water as you raft down the waters is unbelievable and one that every tourist should consider experiencing at least once. During the months of March, the weather is perfect with beautiful sunshine and cloud lurking in the foreground – an ideal experience for some water adventures. The water is cold from the ice and snow, but the weather is absolutely fabulous. There are several adventurers and tour operators who take tourists on waterway cruises down the river during the season too. There are both full-day adventures and half-day ones to choose from.

The Most Popular Tour for Tourists

Several tours operate in the area, and all of them are popular. However, the most popular one is called ‘The Racecourse’. This tour runs for five miles along the river and consists of rapids that are of class two and three. It is the perfect choice of rapids for those who are touring with families or for those who want to try an adventure in white river rafting. It is a short trip and with just the right amount of rapids to give tourists that white water rafting thrill. These rapids are not as hard as the Taos Box rapids which are known to be legendary and not for the faint-hearted. It is named after one of the famous races that happen in the area. The river has always organised races, and the oldest one is over 60 years old.

The Experience

Once you are all fitted to get on your boat and onto the water with all your gear in place, you would start at the Quartzite launch site. This place is found near the Pilar Cliffs. There are several rapids that you would encounter on tour and they have exciting names like the Herringbone, Needle or the Narrows. When you start off, there are calm waters that give the impression that the water is actually calm and then starts the actual white water rafting and that’s when the bubbles of water and the high rapids are gripping and tell a different story. The final rapid is called the Souse Hole, and it is perhaps the most thrilling of the lot and a perfect way to end a great white water rafting adventure.