How to Plan a Trip to New Mexico

The first step when planning a trip to New Mexico is deciding which part or parts of New Mexico you want to visit. Do you want to go to the capital city of Santa Fe? Or do you want to hit up the national parks and see all the beautiful nature that New Mexico has to offer. There are so many options when it comes to New Mexico, there is culture, there is history, there is nature and there is city life. This can seem overwhelming as well, which area will you start in and how will you know where to go from here?

City Life

If you want to see the most of the city then we recommend flying into Santa Fe, you can fly into SAF airport from many of the major cities in the United States. Once you are in Santa Fe you can easily get a taxi or Uber to your hotel or airbnb. Once in the city you can explore all that the city has to offer, there is the opera house, the railway yard, and not to mention there are so many great restaurants, cafes and galleries.While in the city you are able to get a great idea of the history and culture of New Mexico. There are an infinite amount of galleries and cafes when you head to Canyon Road. You can easily spend the day wandering through the galleries, learning about the New Mexico culture and of course stopping for breaks a long the way to enjoy a coffee or food.

Santa Fe


When visiting New Mexico you will most likely want to take a moment to see all that the beautiful state has to offer. A number one top place to visit is the White Sands National Monument, this area is located in the Northern part of the Chihuahuan Desert in southern New Mexico. Here you can see the rare white sand dunes as they dramatically make there way through the landscape. Another top spot that tourists love to visit is the Carlsbad Caverns, these are also located in the Chihuahuan desert. There are over 100 caves in this national park. There are huge underground caves that are waiting for you to explore and walk through. Here you can see many of the natural wildlife that is native to the state of New Mexico.


Now that you know where you want to go in New Mexico you can start looking for flights and hotels so that you can make your dreams a reality. Be sure you research when would be the best time of year for you to visit the state as well. What works best with your schedule as well as with the weather in the state so that you are able to see all that you want. Now you are all prepped for the ideal vacation to New Mexico, we hope this has been helpful in making your trip a reality and finally getting to see the beauty of New Mexico.