New Mexico – Where Chilli is Taken Seriously

There is possibly no other place in the world that has a much loved and specific cuisine than that of New Mexico. In a community where the main and hot question is “spicy or very spicy,” it is pretty evident that the citizens of New Mexico take their chillies very seriously. During the times you can enjoy their foods that are either lathered or smothered with chillies and spices, you can join in on all the events and praise their most prized organic vegetable during the chilli-based activities. These chillies are not only famous in New Mexico but are also renowned all round the world.

The Most Important Elements of Mexican Cuisine

They take a sense of pride in introducing their two most favoured vegetables in the entire state of New Mexico, Pinto Beans and Chilies. They want people and different parts of the world to educated on the knowledge of chillies. There is a college, New Mexico State University, where a professor named Bosland teaches his pupils all about the chilli. Another professor named Fabian Garcia was credited for the achievement of today’s world’s most famous New Mexico chilli business.  During a specific time, it was that only Hispanics could and would eat chillies, as they grew their produce inside their own backyard. Garcia understood the min workings of the market and how things should be sold or expanded, and more people will be more open to the idea of eating hot chilli. They wondered if there was a way, they could make the chillies in a much more milder spice blend or if people who are not Hispanics will eat and be fond of the chilli. After several years of hybrid growing chillies and experimenting, they finally got a result of the first variety of produce that is being consumed by the non-Hispanic.

A Spicy Beginning

In the year of 1931, Garcia produced a plant that can be grown on large bases of land. It was later released to several farmers all around the southern part of the state to produce. The chilli industry skyrocketed over the year and decades to follow. The chilli was not only a cultural icon, but it was also the sole reason why many citizens received jobs. It became the base vegetable and spice of all Mexican foods in all the United States. Like all the chillies around the world, the Mexican chilli was initially found a millennium ago in South America.

When humankind first immigrated to the western hemisphere, they found the chilli plant. Many facts and researchers have stated that the earliest cultivations of chilli seemed to have taken place about 11,000 years ago in the Amazon Basin. As civilization began to increase in the western hemisphere citizens soon started to grow the chilli pepper and sell them for its fantastic flavour, colours and sizes. There are suspicions of the ancient Pueblo civilians nurturing these pepper plants as a source of medicine along with squash and corn. Today researchers are studying the chilli to see what kinds of hybrid plants they can successfully achieve to create.