The Interesting History of New Mexico


The History of New Mexico is vast and interesting. There are so many great facts that we can mention about the great state. Spain first colonized New Mexico before becoming a part of the U.S territory. It was part of the Gadsen agreement and purchase in 1853. New Mexico Became an official U.S state in 1912. The state was the base for the top-secret military projects. The Manhattan project, a high-level military operation which scientists tried to create the first atomic bomb was based in New Mexico. In 1947, a local farmer found some unidentified materials on his land. After so many speculations, the elements were believed to be the remains of a crashed alien spacecraft. This discovery shot the state into the limelight as lots of speculations went around about the existence of aliens and more developments around the world. The site has been reserved for further studies and tourist attractions. Thousands of visitors troop into the state for various attractions like the massive Array telescope in Socorro, the medieval city of Santa Fe where the likes of Georgia O’ Keeffe are natives.

American History

The world’s first atomic bomb was tested in Central New Mexico at the Trinity Site on July 16.1945. The bomb was created from the secret Manhattan Project. The project was commissioned to develop a nuclear weapon after news spread that Germany was building there own atomic bomb, the project kicked off IN 1942, and when the bomb blows off, residents felt the explosion from as far as 150 miles away. A rancher discovered the unusual debris in his sheep pasture just outside of Roswell in the year 1947. Air Force officials claimed the debris where the remains of an old weather balloon. Many years later, after several research and findings, it was discovered that the materials might be the remains of an alien spaceship which crashed from thousands of miles up the sky. It was concluded that aliens and UFOs are responsible for such mysterious materials. The site is now a tourist destination for tourists enthusiastic about extraterrestrials. New Mexico is also home to the biggest hot balloon festival. The Albuquerque International Ballon Fiesta draws hot balloon lovers from all parts of the world. Over 100,000 tourists visit each October to witness over 500 colorful balloons float in the air.

Hot balloon festival

The largest gypsum dune field in the world is located at the White Sands National Monument. This dune field is as a result of the actions of evaporation on a transitory lake that contains large gypsum deposit and mineral content which were swept into the White dunes that covers an area of 275 square miles. The distinct Spanish dialect spoken by over 300 persons throughout New Mexico and southern Colorado is the ancient dialect with deep Castilian origin. Now you know more about New Mexico, you should visit and find out more history for yourself. There are lots of interesting things to discover in New Mexico, From the alien sites to their delicious cuisine.