Top 3 Best Restaurants In Southern New Mexico

The southern parts of New Mexico never disappoint when it comes to good food. If you are a foodie, brace yourself as plenty restaurants offer mouth-watering local and continental dishes in southern New Mexico.  Here are three of the best restaurants you will find in southern New Mexico:

The Curious Kumquat

The Curious Kumquat

If you are a fan of modernist foraged cuisines, then here is the best place to be. This restaurant is located the small southwestern town of the silver city but can comfortably compete with all the top restaurants in major parts of New Mexico. The top chef Rob creates his dishes from locally sourced and foraged ingredients to give out tasty dishes like the mole Negro cauliflower, the Korean duck, the prickly pear ancho rabbit, and the famous local market lamb chop. Most of Chef Rob’s dishes originate from his respect for the historic foraging diets of the Apaches and his experience from global travels. With his experience, every plate that leaves the kitchen comes with so much goodness.

Peppers Grill & Bar

Peppers Grill & Bar is a one-stop restaurant if you are looking to have fun trying out various plates of the New Mexican delicacies. The service here is amazing, whenever you get to Roswell and ask around for where to eat, three of the four directions will always lead you to peppers. The waitresses over there are cool, they will always make sure you are happy waiting for your order. You will get also get plenty chips and salsa while your food your plate comes through. You can Try out their delicious steak sandwich with real steak stuck between two slices of bread, or check out the fry bread served with salsa if you are a fan of heavy bread. Their burger is very tasty too, every bit s worth the price. The attentive waiters and nice managers will charm you once you step in there. You will be amazed if you are no managers come down to your table and have a good chat with you. Everybody there treats the customers well and understands the importance of good customer service. The restaurant is just wonderful.

Big D’s Downtown Dive

We saved the best for the last. The Big D’s Downtown Dive is the most reviewed restaurant in Roswell. You will find hungry tourists waiting to have their favorite dish round the clock. Despite the beaming number of customers in the restaurant, whenever you make your order, you will be served almost immediately, No waiting time. Their menu is always American/New Mexican delicacies and a large variety of burgers.

The services here are top notch. Attentive and friendly waiters, the manager is always available just in case you have any complaints, the quality of food here is so high that you will be forced to come back again. So many tasty local dishes that will leave you salivating right from the counter. The interiors are cool too; the place is not too flashy yet meets all the requirements of a standard restaurant. There is an even popular say in Roswell that “you can’t have a bad meal at the Big D’s.”