Top 3 Places You Can Lodge In Southern New Mexico

If you ever find yourself in southern New México, just know you are in for an amazing experience. They are plenty things and do, and for you to tick all the boxes on your To-Do list, you need to stay somewhere close to all the major attractions we find around the city. Here are three great places for visitors in southern New Mexico.

Trinity Hotel

Trinity hotels are one place you can lodge at when you visit southern New Mexico. The cozy hotel used to be a historic building but is now redesigned to a 9-room hotel plus a restaurant. The building is old and might have some little quirks, but serves its guests comfortably well. You can visit their website and have a room reserved for you. The hotel displays the pictures of their room on their website for you to make your choice. The room is spacious enough, and the bed is comfortable with clean beddings. The restaurant is not what you il find in other parts of bursting new Mexico, but the local dishes served here are delicious. The customer care services are very friendly, very good experience we had.

The Lodge

If you are looking for something classy, then you should check out “The Lodge.” This hotel is a beautiful old Victorian classic that stands at a 9000ft elevation in Cloudcroft. It’s amazing because from your hotel room, you will have a great view of the surrounding and this includes the white sand National Monument on the desert floor below. Located also in the hotel is one of America’s highest golf courses and so many other luxurious facilities.

The Lodge sits in the center of southern Mexico, so you can easily find your way around the entire region. The White sands are laid out at the foot of the hotel, the Carlsbad Caverns are just a few meters away and other nice places you can visit the hotel for a nice time. The hotel has its exotic restaurant, with a full menu of local dishes and delicious meals. The rooms are very spacious; some of the suites have largely sized closets. The ever friendly room services will make you think you are in a 5-star palace with the quality of services offered plus the after service relationship they build with customers in other to make sure you are fully satisfied.

Hampton Inn &Suites Roswell

If you are looking to explore the sights and sounds of Roswell, the right place lodge is the Hampton Inn &Suites Roswell. The 70-room Hampton Inn is one of the best suites in Roswell.  The town has plenty chain hotels, and motels for the never-ending tourists that visit the place, but getting the right place with modern facilities and good customer care services can be difficult. The Hampton Inn is fully equipped to serve you throughout your time in Roswell as the Inn is fitted with modern facilitates and some extra features like free daily breakfast, fitness room and the indoor heated pool. The services are great plus responsive customer care services.